SOME LIKE TO...​​​​​​​
A One - Act Devised Play
Some Like to Drink, Some Like to Think, and Some is on the Blink is a devised performance art piece. Combining elements of Mary Overlie's viewpoints, Steve Paxton's contact improvisation, and Scott Graham's Frantic Assembly style theater into a character driven ensemble performance. It allowed the actors, the safe space, to explore repressed traumas through choreographed movements and originally written dialogue.
The play opened with the spring line-up for Binary Theater Company in 2016. It won the following peer-based awards; Best Actor for Abel Zerai, Best Actress for Jessica Morgan, Best Director for Anya Hernandez, Best Ensemble performance, Best Sound Design for Anthony Lee, Best Stage and Set Design for Ethan Edwards, and Best Original Play. It was well received and sold out each of it's four performances.

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